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External Studies

The Magid Institute

The Magid Institute for Continuing Education 

Founded by the Hebrew University, the Magid Institute for Continuing Education develops curricula and offers courses in a variety of fields throughout Israel. Serving as a bridge between the academic world and the general public, it enables students to enrich their professional lives, acquire skills, broaden their horizons, gain an in-depth understanding of a wide range of subjects, and earn a diploma.

The faculty includes leaders in their respective fields from the Hebrew University and beyond, who challenge students and expose them to the latest innovations and discoveries in the various fields of study. The Institute is comprised of several divisions which run in different locations throughout the country and provides educational services to thousands of students every year.

The Division for International Studies

The Division for International Studies in the Faculty of Agriculture

The Division for International Studies is a self-supporting unit within the Hebrew University's Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment. The Division organizes both local and international study programs including seminars, workshops, long- and short-term courses, and tailor-made programs.

The Division's international program groups include Animal Sciences, Nutritional & Food Sciences, Plant Sciences,  Water & Soil Sciences, and Mixed Subjects. International students from around the world, particularly from developing countries, are able to explore new fields and cultures, exchange ideas and create partnerships for future cooperation. The Division also conducts a range of local activities for Israelis.

External Studies