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‘Smart’ bacteria remodel their genes to infect our intestines

Infectious diarrhea, a common disease of children, is responsible for over 2 million infant deaths annually in developing counties alone.

Israeli and Palestinian Researchers Cooperate to Find Risk Factors for B Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

In both groups, recreational sun exposure, black hair-dye use, a history of hospitalization for infection, and having a first-degree r

Bacteria Sleep, Then Rapidly Evolve, to Survive Antibiotic Treatments

Hebrew University biophysicists used quantitative approaches from Physics to understand issues in Biology

Bacterial Survival Strategy: Splitting Into Virulent and Non-Virulent Subtypes

Scientists find long-term epigenetic memory switch that controls different modes of bacterial virulence

Science Brings Tomatoes Back Their Good Old Flavor

Pope Francis together with Scholas Global Directors meets Hebrew University leaders to sign an agreement for working together in an education program for the encounter between youth of various religions

Hebrew University’s Truman Institute together with Scholas Occurrentes Educational Organization established by Pope Francis, are devel