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Small, fast and not so demanding: breakthrough in memory technologies could bring faster computing, smaller memory devices and lower power consumption

Memory devices like disk drives, flash drives and RAM play an important role in our lives.

IEEE Names Two From Hebrew University Among Ten Rising Stars in Artificial Intelligence

Two graduates of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of them currently a senior lecturer at the Hebrew University, have been named among “

The Wisdom of Crowds is Biased and Easy to Manipulate Online, Says New Research

How do we decide which purchases, news stories and political candidates are worth our time, money and support?

Robotic Intubation Prototype Crawls to the Lungs in Difficult Situations

Intubation is the placement of a plastic tube into the lungs that allows anesthetized or critically ill patients to

Israel's First Biodesign Program Produces Four Startups After One Year

As health costs spiraled over the last decade, the need for more cost-effective health care systems has become increasingly urgent.

Memorial Service Marks Eleven Years Since Terrorist Bombing

A memorial service at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem today marked eleven years since the terrorist bombing that killed students and staff at the uni