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The Authority for Community and Youth

The Authority for Community and Youth shares the wealth of knowledge, understanding and thought at the Hebrew University with the public at large, both adults and youth. Operating within the Authority’s framework are centers that focus on specific segments of the population, exposing to them to workshops, lectures and discussions involving the university’s experts in many fields. 
The Center for Partnership and Outreach 
The Center promotes dialogue between the university and the wider community through lectures, seminars, open house days and scientific events — all provided free of charge. The Center participates in the organization of festivals and other events whose purpose is to make science more accessible to society. Among its popular activities is the “Why?” lecture series, in which leading university lecturers share their expertise with the public, and the “Shumi Shamayim” series, in which university experts reveal the fascinating world of astronomy.   
The Belmonte Science Center for Youth 
Established in 1990 on the university’s Edmond J. Safra Campus, the Belmonte Science Center encourages junior and senior high school students from Jerusalem and surrounding areas to become involved in life sciences, chemistry, physics, computer science and environmental studies. The Center constantly strives to develop new and challenging programs to expose the students to the cutting edge of science. Projects operated by the Center include the Joseph Meyerhoff Youth Center for Advanced Studies.
The Joseph Meyerhoff Youth Center for Advanced Studies 
The Meyerhoff Center has developed a wide variety of academic programs whose goal is to open young people’s minds to a whole new way of experiencing science. The Center promotes scientific thinking among children and youth from the third through twelfth grades. Through fun, experiential and interactive programs the youth come into contact with the cutting edge of scientific research. 
The Authority for Community and Youth