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The Central Archive


The Central Archive, the historical archive of the Hebrew University, was established when the University opened in 1925. The Archives makes historical information about the University¢s history available to the public. The material is mainly written in the Hebrew, English and German languages. The archival material may be reviewed after receipt of permission from the Director of the Central Archive and subject to the Administrative Regulations. 
The following is the main division of material found in the Central Archive:
Files by Topic
 Teaching and research with sub-division by faculties 
 Academic and administrative organization 
 The student public and its organization 
 Ties with institutions in Israel and abroad 
 Activities of the Friends of the Hebrew University around the world 
 Financial matters: donations and budgets 
 Personal files of the academic staff 
Minutes of Meetings
 Board of Governors 
 Executive Committee 
 Board of Managers 
 The Senate 
 The Standing Committee 
 Faculty Councils
 Statutes of Institutes / Research Centers 
 Various reports 
 Agreements that the University signed 
 Publications and booklets of the University
Contact information:
Director of the Center Archive: Ofer Tzemach
Telephone: 02-588-2931
Fax: 02-588-2956
Hours: Sundays through Thursdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Address: The Central Archive
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mount Scopus Campus, Sherman Administration Building 
Jerusalem 91905
The Central Archive