CHAPTER 6: FACULTY BOARDS | האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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50.     a.  There shall be a Board of each Faculty consisting of the
     following members:


(1)  The Rector and the Vice-Rector or Vice Rectors, ex-officio;

(2)  The Professors, Associate Professors and Senior Lecturers in the Faculty;

(3)  The Lecturers who are head of Departments;

(4)  Associate Professors and Senior Lecturers who are teachers in two or more Faculties, as the Standing Committee of the Senate may determine;


(5)  Such other Professors, Associate Professors and Senior Lecturers as may be assigned by the Senate or its Standing Committee of the Senate;


(6)  Representatives of the Lecturers in the Faculty, to be elected in such manner and in such numbers as may from time to time be prescribed by the Senate or its Standing Committee of the Senate;

(7)  Such other Lecturers in the Faculty as the Faculty Board, with the approval of the Standing Committee of the Senate, may appoint with a view to securing the representation of subjects not otherwise represented or inadequately represented on the Board.

     b.  The Director of the Jewish National and University Library shall be a
          member of the Faculty Board which shall be determined by the
          Standing Committee of the Senate.

Chairmanship of Faculty Boards


51.     The Dean shall be Chairman of the Faculty Board, and in his absence his immediate predecessor in office shall preside at its meetings.

Powers of the Faculty Board

56.  (a) A Faculty Board shall have powers:


           (1) To promote and coordinate research and to regulate instruction in
                subjects assigned to the Faculty;

           (2) To lay down the courses of studies and supervise the syllabi for
                instruction and examination in such subjects;

           (3)  To supervise the appointment of internal and external examiners
                 in such subjects;

        (4) To regulate the admission of students in such subjects, provided
             that any regulation involving a deviation from the policy previously
             followed by the Faculty as to the admission of students shall require
             prior approval of the Academic Policy Committee;

        (5)  To discuss, determine and make recommendations to the Senate
               on all matters which concern the Faculty;

        (6)   To confer Bachelor and Master degrees.

(b)  A Faculty Board may delegate to a select Committee any of the powers vested in it, whether generally or for a specified purpose.


Joint Boards


57.  Should the Executive Committee, on the recommendation of the Senate, decide that it is desirable for two or more Faculties to act jointly in respect of matters of common interest, such Faculties shall for that purpose combine to form a group of Faculties with a Joint Board consisting of all or some of the members of their individual Boards, as the Executive Committee on the recommendation of the Senate may decide.  The Chair at the meetings of such joint Board shall be taken by the Senior Dean.


Councils of Bodies Within the Framework of One Faculty

58.  The composition, powers and functions of the Councils of Schools and Institutes shall be fixed by the Board of the Faculty with the approval of the Standing Committee of the Senate, if the School or Institute is included in the framework of one Faculty only.  If the School or Institute falls within the framework of more than one Faculty, they shall be fixed by regulations of the Senate.