CHAPTER 9: MISCELLANY | האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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78. Subject to the provisions of these Statutes, the quorum of any University Authority shall be one-third of its members, excluding those how are outside the country or on sabbatical leave.


Obligation of Loyalty and Preventing Conflict of Interest


79.  A member of a University authority or office holder shall fulfill his job loyally and devotedly, he shall act to promote and develop the University within the framework of its Constitution and Statutes, and shall not be in a conflict of interest with the University.  A member of a University authority or office holder has an obligation of loyalty to the University and a duty of care  and shall act for the benefit of the University in good faith.


Academic Review


80.  The University will operate, through the Office of the Rector, a system of academic monitoring and evaluation for the academic units through peer review committees that examine the infrastructure, quality of teaching, quality of students, academic relations between students and staff and activity of the staff in teaching and research.