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Why Study Here?

Why study at the Hebrew University?
Number 1 in Israel
We are the leading university in Israel and regularly ranked in the top 100 universities in the world - along with Harvard, MIT, Cambridge and Oxford. Our students enjoy a long list of renowned professors who are at forefront of academic research in the world. After graduation, Hebrew University alumni assume key positions in academia and the business sector, public service and the   worlds of culture and the humanities.
A huge range of courses and fields of study
We offer a wide number of academic fields: social sciences and the humanities, natural and life sciences, medicine, agriculture, law, business administration, social work, education, nutrition and more. You can choose from nearly 100 different programs covering all areas of knowledge and research, such as Amirim, a special dual-major program for honors students in the natural sciences, and the Alpha Program, which offers outstanding students the option of completing both a BA and an MBA in four years. You can also pursue unique programs that combine several fields of study, such as a program combining philosophy, economics and political science; a joint degree in law and social work; or the cognitive sciences, which combine psychology, linguistics, philosophy, logic and neuroscience.
An international experience
Thanks to our global stature and strong ties with leading institutions across the globe, our students enjoy many opportunities to integrate an international experience with their regular course of study. Student exchange programs with Stanford University, study tours in Mongolia, visits to UN institutions in Belgium, workshops in Rwanda and many other activities are offered each year to Hebrew University students.
The power to influence
We run dozens of social involvement projects including counseling for residents of distressed areas, helping youth at risk, and legal aid for socioeconomically disadvantaged sectors of society. Many different social and political movements and organizations operate here, and our students are invited students to participate in action for social change and an egalitarian society, and to assist in making Jerusalem’s young people a leading and influential force in the city.
And some other reasons...
Hebrew University students enjoy a rich community atmosphere and lots of cultural and recreational options in Israel’s most fascinating city
The university provides over 200 million NIS in scholarships to students every year
The university offers a variety of residential options at different price levels in the various student dorms
The university’s support system provides advice, counseling and support to students with learning disabilities and ADHD, students with accessibility issues, and minority students
University students are invited to participate in the New Spirit internship project, which gives Jerusalem's students valuable professional experience, helps them make essential business contacts, and increases their chances to find a job in Jerusalem upon completion of their studies, in fields such as high-tech, biomed, policy and communications
The university has advanced sports centers with elaborate and spacious gyms, swimming pools, athletics stadium, tennis courts and dance studios -- all at a subsidized price
Why Study Here?