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Posting Research Opportunities in Europe (HU Researcher's Mobility Portal)

Posting Research Opportunities on the EU Mobility Network
Dear Faculty members,
The Hebrew University has joined the EU EURAXESS network of Researchers' Mobility Centers (formerly ERA-MORE), which seeks to promote researcher mobility by encouraging freer movement of researchers within the member states. This network of national and university Mobility Centers offers a database of research and job opportunities throughout the European Union and associated countries (such as Israel), as well as a database of researchers' CV's and research expertise and qualifications, for those seeking positions in research. The EU database is accessible here.
The Euraxess Jobs network lists available research positions throughout Europe (almost 40 countries).
The Euraxess Services network of centers offers advice on the practical aspects of mobility: accommodations, visa and work permits, medical care coverage, language lessons, schools for accompanying children, etc. Enter here.
The Hebrew University Researcher Mobility website is here .
Hebrew University researchers are invited to post research opportunities, and are also eligible to look for research opportunities, throughout the European network.
To post a job or research position (at all levels, including junior and senior positions, temporary and tenured positions), in your department or laboratory, use your 8-digit identity number (without last/control digit), and password (or OTP card code, for those using cards), similar to access to the university financial system click here. (You may then proceed to fill in the details of the research position available. The job will be entered in the European network, and will be visible on the site after being confirmed by the University's site manager.)
Should you have any problem or any questions, please contact Shoshana Glatzer, at the Authority for Research & Development (; Tel: [02] 658 6633).
Posting Research Opportunities in Europe (HU Researcher's Mobility Portal)