Declaration of Gender Equality in the Academia - 2012 | האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Declaration of Gender Equality in the Academia - 2012


The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is an institution of higher education based on values of knowledge, truth and justice and is entrusted with the research, dissemination and acculturation of these values.
By virtue of these values, and in recognition of the equal potential of women and men and the importance of diversity in every creative community, the University is committed to the promotion and cultivation of the range of creative talent comprising the society in Israel, and will strive for gender equality in the Hebrew University and in Israeli society.
The Hebrew University recognizes the current lack of equality in the distribution of gender in the academic staff. This situation stems from a variety of factors which result in the unique difficulties that women capable and interested in developing academic careers face. The University aims to correct this gender inequality and views this process as a social, national and academic challenge.
The Hebrew University will work towards achieving gender equality in all ranks of teaching and research along with its commitment for academic excellence.
With this goal in mind, the University will take a variety of measures, including the allocation of resources, reorganization and rethinking of policy in a range of areas
Each year the University will examine the effectiveness of the measures taken for achieving gender equality and consider the need for additional measures.
Declaration of Gender Equality in the Academia - 2012