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Academic Review - General


The Hebrew University has adopted a monitoring and review process as a deliberate and systematic policy of proper administration. It is regarded as an integral part of the functioning of all academic units. Review and evaluation at regular intervals are essential in order to prevent stagnation and to allow for improvement, rectification of problems, adequate use of available resources and growth. 
The review process is instantiated in one of two forms. In the first, together with the Council for Higher Education (CHE), most of the academic units at the Hebrew University are reviewed once every seven years. Each of the review committees visit all the higher-education institutions (Universities and Colleges) in which a particular academic area is being taught.  
The monitoring and review process includes self evaluation done by the to-be-reviewed unit, a visit by the reviewing committee, a phase of learning of the committee report, followed by a decision about implementation of the recommendations. In order to ensure a professional and objective approach, the Review Committees consist of internationally renowned experts in the reviewed field, mostly from leading universities abroad. For this reason, their reports are written in English. 
The second form of review involves academic units that are not monitored by CHE, because they are unique to the Hebrew University. These units undergo a similar monitoring and review process by ad-hoc committees consisting of international as well as local renowned experts. Naturally, because of the fewer constraints, the committees are able to devote more time and cover a broader set of issues than the CHE committees. 
The Committees are asked to examine all aspects of the reviewed unit: infrastructure, administrative personnel, curricula, students' level and the activity of faculty members in both research and teaching. The research activity of the reviewed unit forms an important part of the review.
The underlying assumption being that in a research university, teaching and research are interconnected and mutually enriching. Even introductory courses taught in a research-oriented environment gain an added dimension, let alone advanced seminars. At the same time, the interaction with students in general, and graduate students in particular, is a vital ingredient in stimulating scientific research.
The Committee's report is submitted to the Rector, and its recommendations are carefully studied by the reviewed units and the deans. The report is then discussed by the University's Committee for Academic Policy, which decides on steps to be taken both in the long and in short term. The person responsible for the reviews and the academic evaluation at the Hebrew University is the Prof. Barak Medina
Academic Review - General