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Special Scholarships

Schulich Leaders Scholarship

Schulich Leader Scholarships is a project in cooperation with the Schulich Foundation which began in 2012-2013 academic year. This scholarship is intended for students in their first year studying exact sciences, mathematics and engineering. The scholarships are offered between June 15th - August 15th each year. Students must fill out an application for general financial assistance from the University through the “Student Personal Information” page. On the application form the student must state that he/she is a Schulich Leader Scholarship candidate. The student must also submit an application on the program website before June 15th.

The scholarship is intended for entrepreneurial-minded students beginning their undergraduate Bachelor’s studies interested in becoming part of the future leadership of Israel. The scholarships are valued at 40,000 NIS per year: 160,000 NIS (engineering students) and 120,000 NIS (science or math students) 40,000 NIS, is awarded annually to 10 students. Scholarship recipients are chosen by the Department of Scholarships and Financial Aid after a list of candidates is received on June 15th. http://www.schulichleaders.co.il


HESEG Foundation

HESEG Foundation (HESEG) provides full academic scholarships and living expenses to qualified applicants. Preference is given to candidates who are recognized by HESEG as lone soldiers, who have come to Israel to volunteer in the IDF. These remarkable individuals leave their families and friends behind, and are driven by their ideals and commitment to Israel’s security and future and have chosen to study in Israel and to make it their home. HESEG also encourages applicants from minority groups such as Ethiopian and Druze students. HESEG (which means “achievement” in Hebrew), was established by Canadians Gerald Schwartz and Heather Reisman as a way to recognize successful applicants by providing them with an opportunity to start a life in Israel through education and career development. Scholarships have been awarded for over thirteen years.



Moshal Foundation

The role of the Moshal Foundation is to support highly-motivated and tenacious students to access and complete their university education, so that they will get well paid jobs and improve their financial situation, that of their families and hopefully that of their communities one day. Scholarship recipients become beacons of hope to the other young people in their community, inspiring them to work harder and aim for the top. Generous scholarships are offered to students in a select range of subjects for the duration of their degrees: engineering, IT and computer science, medicine and health sciences, natural sciences, economics, law and business. Intrinsic to the 'contract' between the Moshal Program and its scholarship recipients is the understanding that in return for our funding of their university degree, they will do everything in their power to achieve the highest grades possible for them.

Established in 2009 by Martin Moshal, the Moshal Scholarship Program currently provides scholarships to over 700 Moshal Scholars in Israel, South Africa and the Ukraine to enable determined young people from challenging backgrounds to attend the top universities in their home countries. 



Azrieli Fellows Program

The Azrieli Fellows Program promotes excellence in graduate studies at accredited institutions of higher learning in Israel. This competitive and prestigious program provides generous financial support to the best and brightest graduate students, from Israel and abroad, who will use their training to become leaders in their respective fields.

The goal of the program is to create a cadre of leading professionals and academics who will increase the pool of technological and scholarly human resources in Israel, ultimately raising Israel's profile internationally and maintaining strong links between Israel and the rest of the world.


The program is funded by The Azrieli Foundation, which was established to realize the philanthropic vision of David J. Azrieli.




Founded in 2002 by Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF), the IMPACT! Program grants scholarships to IDF combat soldiers who have completed their military service within the past five years and wish to begin their studies, but cannot afford the expense of higher education. The program was created to help, support, and show appreciation to the young men and women who risked their lives during military service and devoted themselves to protecting the State of Israel.

The IMPACT! scholarship, in the amount of $4,000 for each year of studies, gives the former soldiers an extraordinary opportunity for a future that otherwise would have been beyond their reach. The grant covers the cost of tuition and other expenses and is given for the full duration of B.A. studies (up to four years).



ISEF Scholarships

The Israel Scholarship Education Foundation (ISEF) is a Zionist social organization that works toward equal opportunities through higher education and the development of academic and social leadership. The Foundation supports promising students who have completed military service or full national service coming from the economic and social periphery of Israel. The scholarship is conditional upon participation in a leadership program and social involvement. ISEF provides a significant scholarship in cooperation with the academic institution and other partners, along with personal guidance to its members throughout the entire process. First degree scholarships are 20,000 NIS (Comprised of 10,000 NIS from ISEF, 5,000 NIS from the University and 5,000 NIS from Perach). Advanced degree scholarships are also available. The application process for the upcoming school year will begin in June of this year.



Zuckerman Foundation

The Zuckerman Foundation, led by Mort Zuckerman, has established the STEM Leadership Program to promote future leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the US and Israel. The program enables American postdoctoral researchers to work in partnership with leading researchers from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and the Weizmann Institute of Science.

The program will also strengthen the status of scientific research institutions in Israel as global centers of groundbreaking research, through access to large-scale funding.



Polonsky Foundation Scholarships

Polonsky Foundation Scholarships are intended for Ethiopian students completing their first degree who are currently in the second year of their studies. Eligibility is determined by socio-economic status and academic achievement. Students must fill out an application for general financial assistance from the University through the “Student Personal Information” page and attach a short curriculum vitae, academic goals and an explanation for why they chose their field of study.


Alfred and Anna Grey Scholarships

Eligibility for the Alfred and Anna Grey Scholarships is given to students who were accepted to the University upon their first attempt at application, and enter the University with extraordinary achievements. 

Special Scholarships