Hebrew U Launches Quantum Information Science Center To Move Computing and Communication Technologies Forward | האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Hebrew U Launches Quantum Information Science Center To Move Computing and Communication Technologies Forward

Center is dedicated to quantum information research and developing collaborations between different scientific disciplines involving quantum information

Quantum information research is one of the hottest areas in 21st century science, leading to dramatic improvements in computation speed and secure communication. To help drive this field forward, the Hebrew University has recruited an interdisciplinary team of over 20 researchers from physics, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, philosophy and engineering to the newly-founded Quantum Information Science Center (QISC) at the Hebrew University. This group is set to advance our understanding of quantum information science — which is based on the wave-like nature of matter and light and our growing ability to create and control advanced structures — and the development of quantum technologies.

Hebrew University members of the Center, which is headed by Dr. Nadav Katz of the Racah Institute of Physics, include Prof. Jacob Bekenstein, the Michael Polak Chair in Theoretical Physics and winner of the 2012 Wolf Prize in physics whose groundbreaking ideas were originally contested and later confirmed by Stephen Hawking;  Prof. Gil Kalai, the Henry and Manya Noskwith Chair in Mathematics and winner of the 2012 Rothschild Prize in mathematics; and Prof. Elon Lindenstrauss, winner of the 2010 Fields Medal in Mathematics. Also members of the Center are Prof. Michael Ben-Or, the Jean and Helena Alfassa Chair in Computer Science, and Prof. Dorit Aharonov, who are considered among the founders of the field, for proving that quantum computation is possible in real world imperfect devices, via special error-correction methods.

According to Dr. Katz, "We believe that the only way to fundamentally deepen our understanding in the field of quantum information is through the integration of a variety of research areas and different languages ​​of science. This is the only way to achieve significant breakthroughs in the field. The Hebrew University already has an excellent cadre of researchers examining different aspects of quantum information, and the new Center will serve as a shared gathering point and help accelerate their research. Alongside promoting and funding quantum information research, the Center will establish a training program for graduate students, recruit leading researchers and conduct collaborative cooperation with similar centers around the world."

The Center marked its launch with an international conference featuring leaders in the field of quantum information from Europe, Canada, China, Singapore, the United States and Israel.

A team headed by Prof. Hagai Eisenberg, a member of the Center, recently made waves in the scientific world by demonstrating for the first time a quantum link between photons that don't exist at the same time. The study was published in Physical Review Letters.

The center's website can be found at http://qcent.huji.ac.il/.

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Hebrew U Launches Quantum Information Science Center To Move Computing and Communication Technologies Forward